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We strive to be a fun & affordable slow fashion alternative to unsustainable fast fashion brands.


We aim to do this by supporting small local businesses, especially those that are women-owned & run, through the ethical production of

natural fabric clothing.


In addition to providing a slow alternative to fast fashion, we also aim to promote conscious consumerism by empowering people to think about where and on what they spend their money.


Too little people think about the hands that make their clothes, or the process thereof. Our mission is to keep the conversation open and TO encourage AN appreciatION FOR not only the finished garment, but ALSO the local seamstresses, pattern makers & small business owners that come before that.


It's a sad reality that around 60% of all clothing worldwide is made from synthetic fibres

(such as polyester & lycra), which takes up to and over 500 years to biodegrade. This (as well as for the pure comfort & good-feelies on the skin) was reason enough for us to use only 100% natural fabrics, such as cotton & linen,

when bringing our styles to life.


We keep production close to home, which for us, is in the Garden Route, where we work with the most lovely women who are incredibly skilled and passionate in what they do.


Throughout our journey, we will be sharing snippets of behind the scenes in hopes that you get to know, and appreciate, the people and process behind the making of our clothes.


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