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Whether you already have finalised designs, or need your ideas drawn up, this is where we start. Getting all your design specifications down is important. It ensures consistency throughout your collection and helps us produce exactly what you envision.


Once it is all down on paper, we get it down on cardboard... We have patterns made according to the design specifications. You can either leave the grading up to us, or you can provide your own sizing charts. 


Producing the patterns and samples is done with care and precision in order to obtain the correct fit. We keep you in the loop during the sample stage so that any adjustments can be seen to before production continues. We allow up to 2 samples/ 1 adjustment, after-which an additional sample cost will be incurred.


We do our best to source your ideal fabrics, offering you a wide range of materials, prints, and textures to choose from. Over the past 3 years, we have built friendly relationships with our local fabric suppliers & buyers. However, we are also happy to take in your own fabrics should you have them already. Please note that in the latter case, customs charges may apply.


Size and wash care labels are included in the quote. We would love to handle your swing tags too. You can either submit your design print-ready, or let us work on 3 designs for you to choose from. 


We get as involved as possible with each step of the production process, including doing the final quality check on the finished order, which is made easy thanks to all the wonderfully passionate and skilful women we work with , from pattern makers and seamstresses to small business owners in South Africa. We like to personally visit everyone involved as we believe that the quality of a garment is not only the fabrics, seams or such things, but also the well-being and fair treatment of those involved in its' production. 


We handle all the paperwork and include an estimated shipping cost in the quote. Our courier of choice is DHL who specialise in international shipping and courier delivery services. Shipping cost depends on the final weight of the order, so once your order has been finalised, and samples made, a more precise quote can be provided. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

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