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About Us

Juni the Label promotes slow fashion through producing small collections of timeless styles, made locally using natural fabrics.


To support local small businesses through the ethical production of natural fabric clothing. We aim to keep our operations as sustainable as possible and will continually grow towards this. 


In addition to providing a "slow" alternative to fast fashion womenswear, we also aim to promote conscious consumerism by empowering people to think about where and on what they spend their money. Too little people think about the hands that make their clothes, or the process thereof. Our mission is to keep the conversation open and encourage everyone to think about and appreciate not only the finished garment, but the local seamstresses, pattern makers & small business owners that come before that.


It's no surprise that around 60% of all clothing is made from synthetic fibres (that which will never biodegrade!) and this is a reason why (as well as pure comfort & good-feelies on the skin), it is so important for us to use only natural fabrics such as cotton, and linen.

100% Cotton - There are so many good things about cotton. Not only is it super comfortable and soft to wear, it is also the most breathable natural fabric, making it perfect for Summer. Cotton is also 100% biodegradable, meaning once the clothing has eventually become too worn, you can literally cut it up into small pieces and bury it, allowing it to decompose. 
100% Linen - We love this fabric. The look and feel of it, is beautiful. Made from the Flax plant, a resilient crop that requires little water, Linen is the most sustainable natural fabric choice. Besides it being a strong and durable fabric, it softens over time and is always comfortable and easy to wear.
We keep production close to home, within the Garden Route, and visit the CMT and seamstresses regularly. We are lucky to work with the most lovely women who are both skilled and passionate in what they do.  
Throughout our journey with Juni, we will be sharing snippits of behind the scenes in hopes that you get to know and appreciate the people and the process behind the making of our clothes. You are buying more than just a garment- you're investing into the lives of local people who are employed in a safe environment, are paid a living wage, and are doing work which they enjoy and take pride in. You can follow our instagram page to not miss any production updates or behind the scenes. 


In a world drowning in plastic, it was a no brainer for us to use our fabric-offcuts from production to make drawstring bags for your online orders, and then to courier it to you in a compostable courier sleeve made from mielies (yes! Corn!). We encourage you to remove the waybill pocket, to bury the black sleeve, and to re-use your drawstring bag for your toiletries, gym clothes, or even gift giving!